An introduction to etching with Geoff Gibbons

An Introduction to Etching

Presenter: Geoff Gibbons

Dates: Sunday 17thMay 2020 & Sunday 24thMay; 9.30 am – 4.00 pm.

This workshop will cover the basic etching processes including plate preparation, the laying of grounds, approaches to line work, using a ferric chloride vertical etching tank, and the use of aquatint. Copper plates will be supplied as part of the workshop fee. Some approaches to printing will be covered on the final day of the workshop. Further details on what will be covered and a list of materials to bring will be sent out by the presenter to those who contact him.

Workshop fee: $80 per day to Bittondi members

                            $90 per day to non members

Minimum: 4 participants; maximum 7 participants.

Please contact Geoff at gibbart@bigpond.comby no later than April10th

( Easter 2020 ) if you are interested in participating in this workshop.