• Pomegranate | 2020 | Embossed Lino Print | 19 x 28cm | Edition: 3

  • Dragon Fruit Frieze | 2020 | Embossed lino print | 30 x 20cm | Edition: 3

  • Raspberry | 2020 | Embossed lino print | 15 x 12cm

Cheryl Nolan

Cheryl Nolan trained at ACSA and is currently a member of the Bittondi Print Studio at Mezzanine 55 in Kent Town.

As a painter and printmaker, her work usually focusses on the urban environment maps and points of linear intersection and what lies beneath – the layers of history.

Her latest work produced for an exhibition Thick Skins which focussed on the patterns and lines created by fruit and vegetables in collaboration with sculptor Kylie Nichols, still focusses on the structural forms created by intersecting lines.

The subject matter may be different but the emphasis on line and structure still dominates the work.