• Patritha (Palimpsest) | 2018 | Hhandmade cotton rag paper, handmade bulrush paper, wood, copper, inkjet print | 28 x 15 x 15cm | Unique state

  • Patritha (The Beauty Within) | 2018 | Printmaking paper, rust paper, monoprint, markers, pencil | Closed: 22 x 16cm; Open: 64cm | Unique state

  • Patritha (Proti) | 2018 | Jute cord, relief, monoprint, sedge grass | Net: 170cm x 170cm; Canoes: 20cm x 6cm x 3cm | Unique state

  • Patritha (Anamnesis) | 2018 | Rust paper, found objects, thread, hessian, wood | 70 x 105cm | Unique state

  • Untitled (Triptych)
    2019 | Cyanotype | Each panel approx. 54cm x 21cm | Unique state

Joanne Mildenhall


I am a contemporary printmaker whose work is deeply rooted in a connection with nature, exploring multiple techniques or processes, manifesting in beautiful prints and installations. I collaborate with other local artists, community members, and run workshops which enriches my overall practice. I have a strong technical based practice, utilising traditional processes such as Etching, Relief and Nature Printing, eco printing, papermaking, book binding, found objects and embroidery. I have exhibited extensively in various group exhibitions, both here and overseas and have assisted or curated a number of exhibitions.

My collective body of work forms a comprehensive compilation of not only my life experiences, but also records of new encounters or observations. With an overwhelmingly apparent connection to the natural world, my work continues to question our own relationship with our environment, as well as presenting exquisite interpretations of Gaia (Mother Nature).