• Caught | 2016 | Relief print | 20.5 x 25.5 cm | Edition: 25 (varied)

  • Debris | 2020 | Relief print, eco dyed paper | 27 x 21 cm | Edition: 25 (varied)

  • Hello Possum | 2016 | Relief print, ink | 25 x 20 cm | Edition: 25

  • Numbat and Flora | 2016 | Relief print, ink | 25 x 20 cm | Edition: 25

Kimberley Horn



Kimberly Horn is a visual artist and educator, living and working in Adelaide. Her love of printmaking began studying at the Emily Carr Art & Design University in Vancouver, Canada where she received a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and then received a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia.

Her passion for printmaking developed from the meditative process and the addictive exhilaration of the ‘first pull’. Kimberly’s current work is a celebration of the natural world and inspired by the rejuvenating affect time spent in nature has on the soul. This passion continued to grow after moving to Adelaide from Vancouver, and experiencing unique flora and fauna found in Australia.