• My Parklands | 2020 | Lino print, mixed media | 73.5 X 52cm | Edition: 3

  • Zinnias | 2020 | Hand coloured lino print | 52 X 42cm | Edition: 10

  • Shall We Travel to France | Hand coloured lino print | 60 X 50 cm | Edition: 10

  • Eucalyptus Pyriformus | 2020 | Hand coloured lino print | 40 X 40cm | Edition: 10

  • Bound for Antipodes | 2020 | Lino print, collage | 43 X 52cm | Edition: 3

Lloma McKenzie


Combining inks, lino, paper and mixed media in the production of contemporary print-making, Lloma Mackenzie uses traditional and alternative methods of lino-cutting to create both delicate and bold artworks. Drawing inspiration from both the natural and man-made environments, Mackenzie’s work explores the themes of place and memory. Employing layers of translucent inks, she crafts detailed exhibition pieces in both two-dimensional and installation forms.

In the years since graduating, Mackenzie has worked out of her own Hills studio. She exhibits throughout Australia and internationally.

Although Lloma has been a resident of Australia for over forty years, she has retained her links with New Zealand, where she was born and travels to France regularly. She works mainly from her studio in Mount Barker, South Australia.